Even though landscapers are commonly associated with lawns and gardens, hardscapes are one of the more popular services offered. A hardscape is any sort of addition to a lawn, or landscape, that is made from rigid materials. This can include wooden patios, flagstone walkways, decorative rock formations, and more. Some homeowners add a hardscape to existing features like ponds and gardens. Hardscapes are more than just visually appealing features, though. Almost any property can benefit from hardscape installation, regardless of size. 

Save time and money mowing your lawn

The main benefits of a hardscape on a small or commercial property is the lack of grass to mow. The Lawn Institute in America found that the average, quarter acre-sized lawn takes around 30 minutes to mow. When mowing weekly, this results in an average 11 hours total spent mowing your lawn. As the lawn size increases, time spent mowing increases unless larger, more expensive mowers are used. With a hardscape, though, there is less grass to mow. For smaller properties, a hardscape could completely eliminate the need to mow a lawn. This means less water and fertilizer required every year to maintain green grass, while maintaining style and functionality. 

Hardscapes increase property value

Landscaping in general is a simple way to increase property value. An attractive yard can increase the “curb appeal”, or the attractiveness of a property. Some estimates claim that landscaping can increase a house’s value by 20% when maintained properly. For lawns and flowers, this requires continuous upkeep and investment. For a hardscape, though, maintenance is much easier. 

On average, an attractive and effective 12ftx12ft patio could cost around $2000. Though this may sound expensive, it is common for patios to have a high return on investment. High quality patios often have a 73% return during a sale, meaning a $2000 patio will return $1460. In addition to this, slip-resistant patios could offer small insurance benefits. Slip-resistant surfaces like flagstone could lower liability, possibly returning the other $540 over time. 

For larger properties, outdoor kitchens are a wise investment. Though they cost significantly more to construct and furnish, outdoor kitchens often provide a 100-200% return on investment. Yes, that means an outdoor kitchen could pay for itself after a sale! Cooking outdoors can keep houses cool in the summer, saving you on energy bills in the meantime. Outdoor kitchens are also perfect to entertain with, making you the star entertainer of all your friends.

Stop ruts and worn paths with hardscapes

One of the hardest parts of maintaining an even, green lawn is preventing ruts and dirt paths. Over time, the grass on a frequently traveled path will turn brown and disappear, leaving nothing but dirt. These packed-down paths are often resistant to seeding and require excavation and sodding to fix. With a hardscape, though, these paths will not appear in the first place.

Large properties often have natural stone walkways between major features. Whether this be between a patio and a garden, or a house and a workshop, these walkways prevent major ruts. This also protects yards from mud pits, as exposed dirt tends to gather water. Compacted dirt has very little drainage, and over time can cause erosion issues. A simple dirt path could grow into a huge mud pit without proper care!

A popular addition to Muskoka waterfront cottages are natural stone steps. Cottage owners often install these steps leading from the bay to their cottage, protecting the feet of swimming guests. Other owners are looking to perfect the entrance to their cottage. Muskoka is known for its relaxing natural styling, which complement flagstone walkways perfectly. This keeps their picturesque escape from the city presentable and attractive, rather than rutted and muddy.

Enjoy your property regardless of the weather

Decks and patios are perfect to enjoy the summer sun, but not so perfect in the summer rain. As the weather gets colder, patios are often abandoned altogether –  and for good reason. Additions like pergolas can compliment existing hardscapes and allow you to enjoy the outdoors even in the rain. A project as big as a gazebo could upgrade your entire yard and offer even more cover. An enclosed gazebo with a fire pit and chimney could be enjoyed all year round!

Add a new dimension to a garden with a hardscape

Even professional landscapers are limited when it comes to basic gardens. An easy way to achieve a stunning garden is to incorporate a hardscape in or around your garden. A gazebo with lattice siding provides plants another surface to grow along, while stone walls allow for multiple levels. 

For home-farming enthusiasts, this third dimension makes vegetable growing much more efficient. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans all require some sort of stake or lattice to grow along, keeping them off the ground. Expansive gardens, or gardens with pest problems, can benefit from a hardscape that provides shelter

Get your hardscape contract now, before it’s too late

Though it may seem a little cold out to begin thinking about summer projects, now is the time to call! Spring and Summer are some of the busiest times for landscaping companies. Reserving a spot in the busy Spring or early Summer schedule ensures that there will be time available. The sooner you call Hybrid for your hardscape project, the earlier you can start enjoying the summer weather. 

If you’re looking to get the best price for your property, calling early can get you an earlier project date. Studies show that June is the most competitive time in the market. This results in quickest turnover for sales, and the highest average sale price. If your hardscape addition is open-house ready for this time of year, you can benefit from the competition.

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