Modern features and a beautiful, low maintenance, cottage landscape is essential when you want to spend a lot of time outside relaxing, and not digging in the dirt. Combining modern trends and features with classic cottage styles and comfortable outdoor spaces is a popular way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing entertaining area. Hybrid Landscaping prides itself on being able to bring these elements together to help bring you the look you want without all the maintenance. Keep reading to find out some of the popular landscaping design trends for Canadian cottages.

Multi-functional Furniture for the Cottage

A comfortable outdoor space for early morning coffee and sunny afternoons with friends means multi-functional outdoor furniture that can be rearranged and accommodating. Multipurpose sectionals can be separated and moved around for extra seating. Wicker furniture is a popular trend for cottage landscapes that pulls together modern and classic styles. Also popular, are vertical garden walls that make private, shady areas and double your growing space.

Modern Fancy Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are crucial for cottage life, but modern outdoor fireplaces vary from stone, wood, steel and ‘fire bowls’. Also popular, are steel accents like the chiminea, which is a small stove made of iron or steel. Large circular stone fireplaces with stone patio rock and round benches are a timeless cottage landscape trend.

Low Maintenance Ground Cover

Rock gardens, stone slabs and natural ground cover keeps your garden as low maintenance as possible without sacrificing visual appeal. These flowering ground cover plants give you easy to grow, gorgeous gardens. Wood and stone walkways make it easy to get around and provide an aesthetically pleasing way to provide coverage. Rock beds, curved paver and concrete paths pair well with pretty flowering and creeping plants like creeping Phlox.  Another great way to get a beautiful cottage garden, while also attracting bees, and butterflies and helping the environment is to put native plants for pollinators in your garden.

Arbors, Pavilions, Pergolas & Patios

Patios are perfect for barbecuing and socializing and pavilions, pergolas and arbors provide shade and places to grow plants. Today pergolas have built in speakers, heating and shades and are often paired with outdoor kitchens and stone patios. Arbors and stone paths add a charming cottage-like feel to any property.

Stairways for Rocky Landscapes

Canadian cottage country can be very rocky and often on a slope. Stone slab stair ways with rock gardens and pops of green grasses and shrubby plants is a classic cottage garden style. We also often see long wooden walkways leading to the dock, which pairs well with a rocky cottage landscape. 

Landscaping for Canadian Cottage Country

Canadian cottage country makes for some beautiful landscaping designs, incorporating comfortable spaces with rustic elements like stone, steel and wood. The modern trends paired with classic designs and a low maintenance garden with a sleek look makes for a beautiful cottage year round. Landscaping can help improve the look and value of your property, while making it easy to get around and even helping to keep your home cool. Whatever your dream cottage landscape looks like, Hybrid Landscape can help you achieve it and maintain it, all year. Contact Hybrid Landscape Management today by phone at 1-647-221-1022 or email at We guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

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