Every business wants to leave a good first impression on their customers. The first thing your potential clients will see when they get to your place of business is the outside landscape. Studies have shown that people have an affinity for nature and a tendency to prefer urban scenes when trees and vegetation are present. Nature views have a positive influence on emotional and physiological states. These benefits are especially apparent for those experience stress or anxiety. These responses can relate to economic benefit because a visually pleasing, natural landscape that can make customers or clients feel more comfortable and confident in your business.

Positive Space

A professionally maintained commercial landscape creates a unique, personal space that represents the businesses culture and welcomes each person that enters. A well groomed landscape also gives a good first impression to those who pass by in the community. The positive influence of a natural outdoor space can also boost morale for employees who can use the space on breaks to relax and relieve stress. In fact, research has shown that workers are 15% more productive when plants are placed in the office. 

Economic Influence

Landscaped property can increase the resale value of a property by up to 14% with hedges alone adding up to 3.6% to home value. Having a attractive outdoor area can also attract more attention to your business and act as a way to present yourself as a valuable member of the community. People who see a well landscaped property will attribute it to a company that is proactive, professional and attentive, which may encourage them to try their products or services.

Environmental Impact

If green space has a positive impact on us physically and psychologically, it makes sense that it would also have a positive effect on our environment. Plants improve our quality of air by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Certain trees can also absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution. Landscaping can also conserve natural resources, retain rainfall, reduce soil erosion and the flow of pollutants into water bodies with landscape buffers. Green spaces with vegetation remove dust and pollution from the air and lower surrounding air temperatures by as much as 6° F. Careful landscaping can utilize trees ability to influence the micro-climate by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and allow business owners to save money on cooling or heating costs.

Choose Hybrid Landscape Management

Hiring a professional landscaper can not only improve the economic value of your property, but also positively impact the environment, the employees and image that clients have of your business. By choosing Hybrid Landscape Management you are guaranteed satisfaction with quality service and year round maintenance. To learn more about our services visit  hybridlandscape.com or contact me at mitchell@hybridlandscape.com to discuss services and what Hybrid can do for you and your property.

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