Winter is the most bland and unattractive season, ensure your commercial landscape is prepared with Hybrid Landscape Management.

At Hybrid, we are experienced in all season landscape management to help you maintain curb appeal year round. We take pride in creating pleasing first appearances so you don’t have to worry about another aspect of your business. Fall and its transition to winter can be one of the most unappealing times of year. Here are some tips for making sure your businesses commercial landscape looks great this fall.

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Property This Fall

Plant Perennials 

Perennials are a great fall addition to your commercial landscape as they are low maintenance and around all season. Fall perennials like goldenrod, or garden mums provide a pop of colour and texture to your landscape.

How About Hardscapes?

Fall is the perfect time to consider having a professional update your commercial landscape to include hardscapes. Hardscapes can liven up your property and create a more useful, inviting area.  Boost your curb appeal and create an environmentally friendly green space with stonework, retaining walls and pavers. If you already have a hardscape landscape, Hybrid can help you to keep it clean and attractive.

Restore Your Lawn 

Hybrid can help to ensure your lawn is clean and clear of leaves and debris. Piles of leaves can attract pests that you don’t want anywhere near your property. It is important to keep your commercial landscape clear of fallen leaves both for aesthetic and safety reasons as wet leaves on roads can be dangerous. We provide various fall cleanup and maintenance services including:

  • Lawn and garden bed raking
  • One last lawn trimming
  • Out of season plant removal
  • Winter plant trimming
  • Garden bed edging and digging
  • Complete lawn cleanup 
  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Hardscape sweep and clean
  • Remove debris from gutters
Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Fall is a good time to trim and maintain trees and shrubs so that they are prepared and still visually appealing for the fall and winter months. Hybrid can help you to prepare your landscape for winter and transplant trees and shrubs to more ideal locations.

Prepare for Winter  

Hybrid can help you to prepare and protect your landscape for winter. Cleaning up the lawn and aerating and fertilizing will ensure your lawn won’t look ugly come spring. Laying mulch over trees, shrubs and plants during the fall can protect them from the harsh winter weather. You should also consider arranging for a professional snow and ice removal company before winter comes. Hybrid can help you feel prepared for the first snow of winter, contact us about our snow removal services for commercial landscapes. 

Landscape Management Made Easy With Hybrid

Hybrid can provide all your commercial landscape needs, year round. Contact us for all-in one landscape management so that you have a reliable company to call on whenever you may need our services. We take pride in providing customer satisfaction and will try our hardest to meet every expectation you may have. Contact us today at 1-647-221-1022 or email to discuss our commercial landscape management services.

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